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Will the lead retrieval app work offline?
Will the lead retrieval app work offline?
Updated over a week ago

Yes! The Lead Retrieval by Webex Events app works offline. However, functionality will be limited until an internet connection is reestablished.

  • Initial setup - To log in to the Lead Retrieval app and select your event, you must be connected to the internet.

  • QR code scanning - When offline, QR code scanning won't work. Instead, simply use the keyboard icon at the top of the QR scanning screen to manually enter lead information.

  • Lead syncing - Leads you add won't appear to other members of your team. Notes and other edits other team members make on leads won't sync to other team members' devices.

  • Metrics - Lead metrics won't sync to the cloud or update when offline.

  • Staff invites - Sending invitations requires an internet connection.

  • Profile photos updates and photo attachments - You can't update a lead's profile photo or add a photo attachment to a lead while offline.

  • Settings - Most app settings, aside from Camera Options, will be unavailable.

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