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Capture and Manage Leads
Capture and Manage Leads

Gather and collect leads by scanning QR codes or adding them manually

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You and your fellow staff can capture leads by scanning QR codes or entering information manually β€” online or offline. Once a new lead has been captured, you or anyone else on your team can edit them at any time.

Scan a lead

To scan a QR code from a badge or the event app, tap the orange button at the bottom of the screen. Your device's camera activates and automatically scans for the QR code. As soon as it's scanned the code, the lead is captured, and you can fill in additional information.

The scan button and the scan screen.

QR code won't scan? Tap the lightning icon in the top right corner of the scan screen to activate your phone's flashlight for better lighting. Still won't scan? You may be offline! Tap the keyboard icon to enter the information manually.

The QR code scan screen. The lightning and keyboard icons are highlighted.

Lead Profile

Whether you scanned a lead's QR code or are entering information manually, a Lead Profile can contain the following:

Screenshots showing the Edit Lead page.
  • Profile photo - Tap the dotted circle at the top of the screen to take or upload a photo of the lead.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Title

  • Company

  • Location

  • Summary - This is typically populated by information the lead entered in their event app previously.

  • Rating

  • Status

  • Notes

  • Photo Attachment - Take or upload a single photo to attach to the profile. This is useful for capturing their business card for later reference!

  • Contact Information - Select from a list of common contact methods and platforms.

It's important to fill in as much lead information as possible β€” especially when offline, since information won't be populated automatically.

Whenever you're done adding or editing a lead, remember to save when you're done by tapping Done (iOS) or the check mark (Android) in the top right corner of the screen.

Delete a lead

If you capture a lead as a test or by mistake, deleting a lead is easy! In either the My Leads or All Leads tabs, simply swipe left on a lead to delete it.

The My Leads page with a lead being swiped to delete it.

Edit existing leads

After you've captured a lead, tap on it from either the My Leads or All Leads tabs. Tap the Edit button (iOS) or pencil icon (Android) to make changes. The Lead Retrieval app is designed for collaboration, so anyone on your team can edit any lead!

The edit button on iOS and Android.

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