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Export Leads and View Metrics
Export Leads and View Metrics

See lead stats or download a .CSV file for analyzing and importing into your CRM

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Metrics are a great way to explore how many leads you and others on your team are capturing, and the quality of the leads. Any staff member can access the Metrics page by tapping on the bar graph icon in the lower right corner of the Lead Retrieval app. On the Metrics page, you can export leads and metrics and explore basic lead metrics.

Metrics page overview

The top of the Metrics page shows data for Total Scans, New Leads, Average Lead Quality, and Active Booth Staff.

The Lead Retrieval Metrics page.

Next is the Leads Retrieved graph, which you can adjust to show Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly stats. Tap anywhere on the graph to show the exact number of leads and scans collected at a given time.

The Leads Retrieved section of the Metrics page.

The next two charts are Lead Quality and Lead Status. Tap on any segment of the pie chart to show exact counts.

The Booth Staff section of the Metrics page.

Lastly, the Booth Staff chart shows the number of total scans and new leads for each staff member. Staff members only appear here if they've scanned at least one lead.

Screenshot of the Booth Staff section of the Metrics page.

Export metrics

You don't have to wait until the event is over to export your leads, and exporting is super easy! Simply tap the icon in the top right corner of the Metrics page, enter the email address that should receive the export, and tap Send.

You'll receive an email within a few minutes containing a CSV download link and a link to a shareable version of the Metrics page.

The Leads and Metrics Export email.

The CSV file contains the following information:

  • ID (attendee identifier)

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Attendee Email 1

  • Attendee Phone Number 1

  • Attendee Phone Number 2

  • Title

  • Company

  • Location

  • Photo

  • Summary

  • Rating

  • Status

  • Notes

  • Attachment

  • Number Of Scanners

  • Scanned By

  • First Scanner

  • First Scan Time

  • Last Scanner

  • Last Scan Time

  • Lead Source

  • Raw QR Code

  • Attendee Website 1

  • Attendee Address 1

  • Additional columns for each of the contact information options

The wrap-up email

At 1pm in the event's timezone (or 1pm EST if no timezone was set), two business days after the event ends, everyone on your Lead Retrieval team gets an email with a link to download a CSV with all the leads you collected. There's also a link to the Metrics page that you can copy and share with the rest of your organization.

The post-event email just described.

Now you know all about metrics!

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