Each and every lead is important and it is important that you can collaborate and work with your team to get the most out of each and every event. Check below to see all the various fields and pieces of information available to each lead.

Lead Profile

Basic Information and Summary

This section is where all basic information about the lead is saved such as their name, title, company, location, and a general summary or bio. This information will be initially populated when a lead is first scanned. 

Lead Quality


The quality rating of this lead for your booth staff. 


The lead's status as rated by your booth staff.

Scanned By User

This section will show you each member of your booth staff who scanned this lead's QR Code and the order in which they scanned. If a lead is manually added, this section will only have the first scanner.

Contact Information

You will be able to keep track of all the various contact information for a lead. You can also have multiple of each type of contact information. This field will auto-populate using the attendee's profile!


This section will show all the notes that you booth staff have on this lead. It will be in order of most recent to least recent.

Photo Attachment

A picture is worth a thousand words and during an event, you don't always have time for words, so take a quick picture and attach it to a lead's profile. Great for business cards, one pagers, and more!

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