Once you have set up and been invited as an admin to an event, you will be able to follow the simple steps below to invite your booth staff. 

Invite Booth Staff

Follow the steps below to invite an additional staff member. Once complete, the staff member will receive an invitation to sign up!

What is the difference between Admins and Members?

Admins are allowed to add and remove users from the booth staff while members are not. 

Managing Pending Staff Invitations

Make sure that your entire staff is ready to go by resending invites or removing staff members. All staff members who have not yet downloaded the app and joined the event will remain as Pending.

Resend Invitation

This will resend this specific staff member the email to sign up for Lead Retrieval and join your booth staff for this event.


This option will remove this invite and this staff member will no longer be able to join your booth staff.

Managing Members of your Booth Staff

For active members on your team, you can change them to be Admin or remove them from the team entirely. If you would like to make changes to Admins, please reach out to us.

Make Admin

This option will upgrade this Member to an Admin on your Booth Staff.


This option will remove this Member from your Booth Staff. When deleting a Member, all of their leads and work (notes, scans, etc.) will be deleted.

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