Once you have received an invite from an event organizer or an admin member of your booth staff, follow the steps below to get started creating your account and get ready to download leads!

Download the Lead Retrieval App

Download the Lead Retrieval by Socio App by searching for it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or by clicking here.

Create Your Account

Create your profile in the app to begin capturing leads like never before. Be sure to use the email that you receive the invite from. If you haven't received an invite, please ask the event organizer or an admin of your booth staff.

Find Your Event

Once you complete sign up or are able to login, you will see all of the existing events that you have been invited to. Once inside of an event, you are all set to go to capture leads and view and export your leads.

Invite Your Booth Staff

If you are an admin and there are other members of your team you would like to join your booth staff, invite them! For more information on the process, check out this article

You're all set!

Now that you have completed these steps, you are now ready to start capturing leads, enriching their information, collaborating with your team to prioritize & take notes on leads, and of course analyzing and exporting data.

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